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Caring is what you do – it’s who you are. For all of the ways you care, you need an employer who shares in your commitment – to patients and to quality. As an advanced practitioner, we know your work isn’t just your career – it’s your calling. And we’re here to help you answer it.

Work the Way You Want


With over 20 years in the healthcare industry, we have longstanding relationships with our client facilities. In addition to immediate full-time openings, our network looks to us to connect them with the practitioners we meet with. Oftentimes, we make proactive calls to our clients after meeting with someone we know would be a good fit for them and vice versa.

1099/Employed Locum

The desire for increased flexibility provided by a short-term engagement has grown with the gig economy. But this way of working in healthcare is nothing new for us. Since 1995, we have been placing advanced practitioners on contract assignments, and we almost always have temporary positions available for nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

A Caring Partner

We know nothing comes between you and the dedication you bring to work every day. We know because the same is true for us. But sometimes the idea of finding a new position – whether full-time or contract – can be daunting and distracting. The search can feel like it’s taking away from the priorities you already have today. And this is where we can help. We provide relief and guidance to identify options with you. When you aren’t ready to consider something new, we’re still a partner you can turn to – for advice, for peace of mind, and even just for a conversation. We share the same mission, and we’d love to join you in your pursuit to provide the best care possible.

Hearing From You Means Everything to Us

We encourage you to get to know us. Like you, we have a history of providing care that we are really proud to share.

Our goal here is to provide you with information to equip you for a conversation, but the next best step is always to get in touch with us.

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