How to Know if You’ve Got the Wrong Healthcare Placement Firm

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The staffing and recruitment firm you choose matters. Here’s how to tell if you’re using the wrong healthcare staffing agency.


With the increase in the demand of nurses, allied practitioners, and physicians across the country (and decrease in supply), not all the medical staffing agencies are as efficient as they claim to be. That too, when it comes to nurse recruiting, the condition would be still worse. Very few agencies would be able to provide instant nurse resources. Without proper staffing, the operation and efficiency of the hospital would go south. Choose the right nurse recruiting agency to satisfy your staffing needs as soon as possible. Here are a few tips to avoid bad agencies.

Flowery promises


Everyone faces emergency at some points of their lives and the agencies seem to provide promises as they have a nurse ready by their side, for you. Remember that any nurse recruiting agency would require a minimum of 2-3 months for sending a nurse to you. The license for your state would take about 8 weeks to reach the nurse. Do not fall for flowery promises, as there’s a solid chance, the agency won’t be able to deliver on them.



The demand for travel nurses has increased and so has the cost of running a healthcare placement provider company. Do not fall for someone who is ready to sign a deal for a very low cost. There are many travel nurse recruiting agencies out there. Make sure to choose the right one. Do not try to save a few dollars and lose the credibility of your hospital.



There is a lot of paperwork, when it comes to nurse recruiting. An inexperienced agency cannot help the nurse in filing those papers effectively. False information or wrong statements would decline the credibility associated with the organization and your resource would not reach you on time. Ask about their experience in staffing the travel nurses. An experienced healthcare recruiter would be confident and sound comfortable during your discussion.

Finding an honest and effective recruiting agency for travel nurse is not as easy as you think. You would need to go through all the agencies in the search engine, talk to most of them and know the average cost, time and operating process. You should be ready to face a lot of constraints like money, time, resource and other legal laws that would act as a factor. Use the internet to surf about a particular agency. The healthcare placement provider you have picked might be a phony one. Read the testimonials and complaints about the agency and take necessary action.

A few negative comments would not push the rank of an agency down. Analyze the importance of those comments. Think whether that would suit you or not. Make a wise choice for your staffing requirements. When you’re ready to get started with a medical staffing firm, call the experts at Provenir Healthcare and let us help fill your open spaces with the best candidates possible.

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