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Set Your Practice Apart and Above the Competition with These Tips


Competition in the medical industry can be tough. When you’re juggling the requirements of your patients and staff, the needs of your business can sometimes fall to the wayside. But to grow your practice, you need to find ways to reach more patients and retain the ones you have. How do you develop a strategy to expand your client base without using all your revenue? We’ve put together some tips that will help you effectively grow your medical practice and increase patient satisfaction:


Seek feedback from patients.

If you want to grow your business, you need to find out what’s holding you back. You can send out surveys to past patients that assess how their experience was and what could be improved upon – they will have the best idea of your strengths and your weaknesses. If they’re happy with your services, you can reach out to them and ask them to leave you an online review.


Track maintenance, repairs, and cleanings using CMMS software.

Your medical practice can’t grow if it’s bogged down by frequent repairs, sporadic cleanings, and lost expenses. Use CMMS software for healthcare offices. What happens if your equipment breaks down when patients need it the most? CMMS software can help you manage the daily operations of a healthcare facility. You’ll be able to view upcoming tasks clearly and concisely. Wondering when the next cleaning or preventative maintenance assessment is scheduled to happen? It won’t be a mystery when every work order is tracked using this software.


Emphasize the unique qualities of your business.

To stand out from your competitors, stress what your practice offers that others don’t. Maybe you’re located in a central area that’s accessible to most residents, or you’ve been in business for so long that your experience outranks theirs. Is your building accessible to those with disabilities? Be familiar with your selling points, and make them known on the platforms associated with your practice.


Advertise online.

When people look for a medical facility, they won’t search the yellow pages. These days, it’s all about online marketing. Make sure your practice has a presence on the Web so that patients can find your business when they need your services. If you’re purchasing online ads, you’ll also need a user-friendly website that patients can easily navigate to find your information.


Hire the right staff.

For your medical practice to grow, you need patients that are satisfied, which requires employees that are compassionate, hard-working, and receptive. Hiring the right staff will ensure that your patients have the best experience possible. Know the qualities to look for in a caregiver. When you have workers that are cold and ill-tempered, patients might decide to receive their healthcare elsewhere. You want your clients to leave your clinic with a smile, so hire employees that know how to be friendly and professional.


Make patient care a priority.

The health of your business depends on the satisfaction of your patients. When it comes to medical practices, your reputation is all about how your patients are handled. Picking knowledgeable and empathetic employees is one thing, but there’s more to healthcare treatment than that. Think about all the aspects of your business that patients experience, whether it’s the cafeteria food, wait room times, or appointment availability. These factors make a difference in how willing your customers will be to return the next time something ails them. If they’re stuck in the waiting room for an hour whenever they come for a check-up, they won’t stick around for long. How comfortable is the furniture in your lobby? Has the coffee expired? Small details like these can all add up to a less than satisfying experience – your customers may leave you negative reviews online, which can harm your reputation and impede the growth of your business.


Reward your staff.

Once you’ve found the right employees, you want them to stay on with you. The cost of finding new staff and training them will hold back your business from growth. Furthermore, if a nurse or doctor decides to leave your practice, then their patients might leave with them. Keeping your employees satisfied is one of the most important aspects of running a medical practice. You can boost morale by hosting staff lunches and celebrating birthdays. What about an employee spa day? These activities will increase the feeling that everyone is part of the team. Congratulate members when they receive a glowing review so that they know their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

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