Continue Your Physician Job Search During COVID-19

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Finding Your Ideal Physician Placement During COVID-19 Can Be Difficult – Provenir is Here to Help.

During these uncertain times, almost everyone has had their sense of “normal” uprooted and adjusted as the world deals with COVID-19. The medical industry is no different. Whether you’re serving on the front lines in the hardest-hit areas of the country (and for that, we want to say a sincere thank you) or you’re in the middle of a career transition, almost everyone in the medical profession has been impacted in some way. At Provenir Healthcare, we understand this and are doing everything we can to help medical professionals and physicians advance their careers, even during these challenges.


With that in mind, we’d like to present some helpful tips for continuing your physician job search during COVID-19.


Don’t Be Hesitant

With all the chaos and commotion around these days, it might be easy to consider postponing your job search until things settle down, or you might feel hesitant to make a move from the comfort and familiarity of your current position to a new, uncertain opportunity. If you’re feeling like this might apply to you, we have one piece of advice: don’t hesitate. Yes, things are chaotic and difficult right now, but there are still plenty of opportunities and openings available. Waiting for the “right” moment might lead to you missing your moment altogether, and leave your career in a less advantageous position. There’s no harm in starting the process, collecting all your options, and then making a move from there. Don’t be afraid to continue your physician job search during COVID-19.


Polish Up Your CV

If you’re getting ready for a career shift, and possibly find yourself with more free time on your hands due to social restrictions, now would be a great time to channel some of that energy into updating your CV. Take the time to sit down at your computer with no distractions and begin to update the information or build your CV. Have important documents like your publications nearby to reference back to. As you are working on your CV, keep in mind some basic pointers: keep the information organized, format dates the same throughout your CV, be succinct with descriptions, and put sections in reverse chronological order. Once your CV is completed, you can even send it to be reviewed by a professional service.


Attend Virtual Events

Even though there are travel restrictions and social restrictions, virtual events like career fairs allow you to still attend from the comfort of your home. Reach out to your program coordinator or other program leadership to ask about upcoming events. Many organizations host virtual career fairs based on regions to help you talk to recruiters in the area(s) that interest you. These virtual events are a great way to continue your job search and find out what opportunities will be available once you complete training. This is also a great time to sit in on digital talks or lectures over topics related to your specialty or that interest you.


Brush Up on Your Tech Skills

You may be an expert in your field, but if you feel like you’re not the most tech-savvy person in the room (ever), now might be a good time to learn some applicable tech skills. More and more medical offices are moving to telehealth and telemedicine services, so physicians who are already familiar with new technology may be more desirable to medical practices. Many facilities are even conducting interviews through virtual meetings, and fumbling through a Zoom conference is probably not the ideal way to put your best foot forward. You’ve probably got more spare time these days, anyway, so using that time to learn some valuable job skills could help you be more successful with your physician job search during COVID-19.


Get Your Certifications / Licences in Order

You can use this time to study and prepare for your board examination. If you haven’t signed up for a test date yet, check out the testing schedule and choose a date that will work best for your schedule. From there, you can create a study plan that will not force you to spend the weekend before the test cramming. Plan according to your known schedule as it currently stands. Not sure what to study?


Apply for licensure if needed. If you are a new graduate and have yet to obtain your state license, or you need to get a license for a new state, start that process sooner rather than later. Ask your program leadership or your new employer what the state requirements are and what documentation you need. Each state has different licensing requirements, so please be mindful of that as you apply.


Let a Professional Recruiter Help

In these uncertain times, the benefit of working with a medical staffing firm is even more prominent. A recruitment firm will have up-to-date listings of multiple types of positions within multiple markets, and will help you find the perfect match for your needs and interests. The recruiters already understand the environment that you’d be applying for, so they can help reduce some of the ambiguity that comes along with considering a new job at a new practice.


Don’t let social distancing keep you from completing your physicians job search! No matter where you are in your career journey, our team of medical recruitment professionals are here to help with your job search. We’ve been matching physicians with their ideal jobs for over two decades, and we’d love to help you find your next career path. Contact the Provenir Healthcare team today, or use the form below to get started. We look forward to working with you.

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